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She said yes! A trip to Puerto Rico that ended with a dreamy sunset marriage proposal

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Destination wedding planner in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This blog is the home for some of my favorite things — from weddings to engagement
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I'm Alexa!


Marriage proposals are simply Magical! Planning this special moment requires time, attention to detail, a clear budget, and a lot of love. Adam knew all of this and was ready to exceed Lexi’s expectations. 

Let the proposal planning begin!

Adam contacted us in December 2021 because he needed help planning a marriage proposal for his girlfriend of six years, Lexi. He was sure he’d found the one and wanted to go above and beyond to impress her; of course, we didn’t take this lightly. They were planning a trip to Puerto Rico in February 2022, and he wanted to pop the question at the end of their trip. 

“Lexi deserves the best proposal” 

He had a few ideas about how he wanted to do it, and he knew Lexi deserved the best. After some brainstorming, suggestions, and research, we were able to turn those ideas into the perfect plan: A fun day trip to Palomino Island for a yacht proposal! The plan would include a romantic private dinner at sunset. Adam would tell her they would spend the day on a yacht as a fun way to end their Puerto Rico visit. 

But what if it rains?

Planning events on a tropical island means you always (and I mean ALWAYS) need to have a weather backup plan. Even when the weather forecast says it will be sunny, you should always have a plan B. And in this case, the weather forecast for Palomino Island wasn’t exactly pretty.

With only two days left for the big day, Adam started to get worried. I explained to him that the yacht had an indoor area, our original Plan B, but he insisted we find another option. I quickly made two reservations for them at ocean view restaurants with private seating and a romantic sunset view. However, when I contacted the yacht company, they assured me we shouldn’t worry. This being said, I encouraged Adam to continue with plan A in hopes that the weather would be good come Friday.

Friday arrived, and guess what? The weather was looking great for the Yacht Proposal

However, 30 minutes before departure, it started pouring like there was no tomorrow. We managed to get all the flowers on board and hide everything in a cabin below deck. By “we,” I mean the floral designer, the yacht crew, and me. The whole team was incredible, and they even got me a shirt to match their uniform! I literally felt like I was part of the crew. A few minutes later, our love birds finally arrived at the yacht. 

“Hi, Lexi! My name is Alexa, and I’m a yacht crew member. Let me show you around!”

I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t a wedding planner, I could be an actress. I showed the couple around as if I had worked on that yacht for years. When it was time to depart, everybody took a seat, and we were on our way to beautiful Palomino Island. 

Meanwhile, our floral designer was hiding in the cabin working on the floral arrangements when suddenly, she started to get seasick. She had to stop working and come up to the main deck to get some air. And there I was trying to explain to Lexi that the reason she was sick was that “we were all new at the job.” I’m pretty sure she thought it a little strange. We decided to help the floral designer and provided her with some wristbands to manage the dizziness. 

It’s showtime! Dreamy Sunset Yacht Proposal

After enjoying a nice day on the front of the yacht with good drinks, good food, and the gorgeous views of Palomino Island, Adam and Lexi went down to the main cabin to get ready for dinner, which meant we only had about 30 min to set everything up without her noticing. Of course, this would be a lot more complex than expected because our floral designer was feeling horrible. And I’m not exaggerating guys; she was sweating, dizzy, nauseous. It was terrible. 

But during those 30 minutes, I experienced one of the best teamwork efforts I’ve seen. We all worked together while taking care of the floral designer and helping her push through. It was stressful but still worth it. Adam asked Lexi to join him at the front of the yacht to see the sunset.

She said yes! 

As Lexi walked out, her eyes were immediately filled with wonder and, of course, lots of tears. Adam took her by the hand, got down on one knee, and popped the question. Playing in the background was the most romantic instrumental playlist we could find on Spotify (Oh yeah, we thought of everything).

Romantic movies have nothing on real-life marriage yacht proposals 

God knows how much I enjoy planning and witnessing these special moments in the lives of all our couples. Each love story is unique, beautiful, and worth telling. And even though Adam and Lexi’s story probably has much more to it than we know, I am so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful chapter. They are one of the sweetest couples I’ve met, and after meeting them for just a few hours, I could clearly understand Adam’s insistence; Lexi deserved the best.