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Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

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Feeling a little stressed during the vendor hiring process? Don’t worry, we got you! Here’s what to do and what not to do when putting together the ideal vendor team for your wedding.

First things first… What is the vendor team, and why do you need one?

Let me start off by saying that most Puerto Rico wedding vendors are simply amazing! Not only do we get the job done, but we exceed all of our couples expectations along the way. Your team of vendors will work together, guided by your wedding planner to make sure everything happens exactly as planned. Without an efficient team of wedding vendors, things will probably not go as smoothly as they should. 

So, let’s start with what to do when hiring your wedding vendors.

  1. Search their most recent work: Social Media is one of the best tools for brides looking for wedding vendors. It gives you an idea of how much experience each vendor has and the quality of their work. If you like what you see, you can proceed with the second “do” on this list.
  1. Look out for effective communication: When reaching out to a vendor and showing interest in their services, you want to make sure they show the same interest towards working with you. If a vendor takes too long to respond to your initial request, move on to the next best option.
  1. Make sure your personalities match: A quick phone call will be more than enough to know if there’s a good connection between you and the vendor. You want to choose someone that will inspire trust and capture your ideas well. 
  1. Consider your wedding budget: Make sure you meet with your planner beforehand and discuss budget management. This will help you keep on track and only reach out to vendors that are in line with that budget.
  1. Read the reviews: Real experiences from real couples will be the best way to know the quality of service that each wedding vendor offers 
  1. Trust your wedding planner: Believe me when I say… Planner knows best! From the moment of that first meeting, your wedding planner probably already had in mind the vendors that would fit in perfectly with your wedding vision. When we recommend a wedding vendor, it is because we know what is best for your day to be as perfect as it should. 

Now let’s go over what not to do when hiring your wedding vendors.

  1. Don’t hide your budget: Even though it may seem like a good idea, hiding the budget will not help reduce the cost of your wedding. When couples refuse to share their wedding budget with the vendors, they usually end up going over budget due to the lack of communication. 
  1. Don’t hesitate to ask the right questions: Asking the right questions will help you know exactly what to expect on the day-of. This will help you avoid having to add last minute services right before the wedding. 

           Don’t know what to ask? Message us on Instagram and we’ll send you a guide   

           of questions for each category of vendors.

  1. Don’t hire a vendor just because someone told you to: A friend’s recommendation is not enough to know for sure if the vendor is right for you. Make sure you do proper research before making a final decision.
  1. Don’t micromanage: When choosing your wedding vendors you want to make sure that you’re hiring professionals that know what they’re doing and are experienced in the field. 
  1. Don’t send a deposit without carefully reviewing the contract: This is a common mistake and it is one that can cost you a lot. Before sending any payment, make sure you’ve carefully read each part of the contract and you agree with it. Also, make sure the contract includes the details of your event (date, time, place, service to provide)

Ready to choose your ideal team of wedding vendors? Well let’s get to it then!

PS: If this information was helpful in any way, be sure to leave a comment and share with your favorite bride-to-be 😉

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